DAM ROI Methodologies

Every company, no matter what industry, will use DAM differently, depending on the type of assets being managed and the workflows supporting those assets. As a result, each company measures ROI differently. This individuality does not transfer well across industries. Baseline metrics or methods would be beneficial for measuring ROI across industries.

Speaker Kim Bush reviews baseline metrics and methods for measuring ROI of a DAM installation that are beneficial across multiple industries and applications, and based on a real-world case study that offers actual projections, estimates and results.

Kim has been a DAM Guru Program member since March 2013. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

Webinar recorded on 20 May, 2014.

Picturepark sponsors this webinar as part of the #LearnDAM initiative to provide the DAM community with quality digital asset management educational materials that are not sales focused.

DAM ROI Methodologies

Kimberlee Bush

Kim Bush
Owner, Evergreene Graphics

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