DAM Guru Program Members for Hire

DAM Guru Program is now two years old and more than 650 signups strong. To enable the DAM community to better benefit from the growing range of expertise available within DAM Guru Program, we now connect participating members to organizations seeking freelance, temporary or permanent help.

Based on matching a needs profile to an expertise profile, DAM Guru Program managers will do their best to find the right Guru for every request, no matter what the area of expertise, global region or language.

We hope this provides hiring organizations with the expertise they need to make the most of their DAM initiatives, and we hope it helps our members find employment opportunities they’ll enjoy.

As with all DAM Guru Program member services, there is no charge for this service.

If you’re an organization looking to hire a DAM Guru, start here.

If you’re a DAM Guru Program member who would like to participate, start here.

More information about this announcement is available at the Picturepark website.

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