Understanding Digital Asset Management APIs

I have recently contributed an article for our features section: Understanding DAM System APIs: A Primer For Non-Technical DAM Users.   This is in response to the lack of knowledge that many end-users seem to have about this subject (and in particular that simply having an API is insufficient, of itself):

The role of APIs in Digital Asset Management has been steadily increasing for some time now and nearly all DAM vendors have implemented them into their products.  A number of DAM users, however, are unfamiliar with what APIs are and why they are important.  This article aims to provide some rudimentary guidance about them so they can better understand the subject and their wider relevance to DAM initiatives and the context of APIs in digital asset supply chains.” [Read More]

The intended audience is non-technical, however, the item does address some of the implementation details (which is essential with a subject like this).  While it is difficult to summarise the advice into a few words, the presence of credible documentation (or lack of it) for an API appears to be a key determinant factor in whether vendors genuinely care about their APIs and have made the required investments into them.

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