Top Ten Mistakes When Implementing DAM Solutions

Australian Digital Asset Management VAR, DataBasics, have provided a condensed presentation where they list the top ten DAM solution implementation mistakes that users tend to make:

  • Starting without a complete business plan
  • Not understanding what DAM is
  • Failing to consider metadata
  • Not providing a dedicated project management resource
  • Failing to understand the benefits of DAM and how they might be applied
  • No buy-in from senior management
  • Building an in-house custom DAM solution rather than using an existing one as the basis
  • Choosing the wrong vendor
  • Failure to acknowledge DAM as an operational cost

The full presentation is here:

As well as the ten items I have paraphrased above, they also describe each in more detail on follow-up slides.  Most presentations about DAM (or any other topic for that matter) tend to be fairly pointless exercises, but this is different, it covers the majority of the key management issues you need to think about when embarking on a DAM implementation project.  The bullet presentation format works to great effect and about the only criticism I would make is that there doesn’t appear to be anywhere you can download it as a document (although that is a fairly minor issue).

I come into contact with a number of managers who often tell me they lack the time required to find out more about DAM and how to approach it in a way that will be effective and minimise their risks.  If that resonates with your own experience, you could do a lot worse than take a look at this presentation and use it as a checklist when formulating your own DAM implementation strategy.

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  • Thank you. I am sure the DataBasics Customer Engagement team can provide a suitable download format as needed. I have nominated myself to present the top 10 mistakes at Canto’s DAM Summit this September in Giessen Germany. During the presentationI will be referencing the underlying data collected in the interviews that led to the authoring of this report.
    For those in Europe this might be a good way to find out more.
    Thank you

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