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Earlier this week, we opened up a new dedicated site for Digital Asset Management Whitepapers at  We have transferred all the DAM News reports into this repository and had some early participation from Picturepark also (who have uploaded two of their own papers and helped us with beta-testing).  The key points are:

  • There is a searchable index of all the published documents.
  • Anyone can apply for a contributor account, including commercial organisations like vendors or consultants, however, we do have some editorial guidelines which preclude the upload of straight sales materials like brochures etc.
  • Contributors can ask for notification when someone downloads a paper and there are some API hooks for integrating these with third party CRM systems.
  • At present only selected DAM News whitepapers are chargeable, but later this year we will expand this to allow other contributors to apply fees if they wish (and of course, documents can be offered free).  If you wish to charge for your reports, please contact us.
  • We will only accept documents that have some definite association with the Digital Asset Management subject and selected related fields like MRM and ECM (but only if there is a DAM-specific angle).

More information is available on the ‘about’ section:

DAM Whitepapers is a repository of reports and documents written by DAM professionals. The facility has been established by Digital Asset Management industry journal, DAM News and includes a number of publications written by vendors, consultants and others with specialist knowledge about Digital Asset Management and related subjects.” [Read More]

As many marketers operating in complex sectors like Digital Asset Management are well aware, client education is an essential element of generating a positive response.  If well written and focussed on the provision of quality information, first and foremost, whitepapers are an ideal way to demonstrate the author’s knowledge and expertise (and by proxy, the organisation they work for).

As with our other series of DAM-related subsidiary sites, we will be featuring selected papers for coverage in the main DAM News publication, especially those that stand out as being good examples of the whitepaper format as it applies to the wider DAM subject.  Anyone wishing to participate, should first register and apply for a contributor account.  A PDF contributor’s guide is available once you are approved which contains more detailed instructions and information.

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