DAM Implementation – Choosing The Right Partners

My co-contributor, Ralph Windsor, has recently published a feature article that considers the various types of relationship between DAM vendors and their partners.  Aside from explaining why service partners are required in the first place, Ralph also examines the often subtle differences between their role within the procurement and project management process, and why it’s essential to understand the scope of their responsibility in order to avoid potential wrangles further down the line when issues invariably arise.

Ideally there should be a symbiotic relationship between vendor and partner where they are both equally reliant on each other. In theory, this increases the risk for the client because there are two entities and multiple potential issues if either of them fails, however, in practice it makes it more likely that they will seek a mutually beneficial outcome since both depend on each other to survive and prosper.” [Read More]

The article dissects three common types of relationship between vendors and professional service partners: the value added reseller; the vendor and partner working together as a consortium; and the partner acting as a sub-contractor to the vendor.  Being aware of the advantages and disadvantages of these various delivery models can assist in making the right decisions early on in the procurement process and is a must-read for both DAM vendors and buyers alike.

Read the full article here: https://digitalassetmanagementnews.org/features/using-professional-services-partners-for-dam-implementations/

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