DAM Guru Members Share Their Insight On ASMP’s Strictly Business Blog

All this week, the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) have given over their Strictly Business blog to members of the DAM Guru Program (DGP), who are posting a series of information articles to explain more about the benefits of DAM for photographers.  Ben Smidt, who manages DGP sent a circular to members yesterday with a list of the topics to be covered as well as the authors.  Two of them are live already, the rest will follow during this week (although I am not sure if the order will be exactly as listed below):

Many photographers were well ahead of their corporate clients in identifying the impending significance of DAM (certainly David Riecks’ Controlled Vocabulary site pre-dates many alternative metadata resources by many years).  Based on the first two articles, this seems to be less of the kind of ‘why should we we do this’ basic information (of which there is now more than enough, in my opinion) and more about how to practically start getting on with doing it.  The series should be of interest to anyone who is involved in Digital Asset Management implementation – not just photographers.

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