Using DAM Workflow To Protect Brands And Improve Cataloguing Quality

One of our featured DAM Vendors, Vyre, have released a blog post that discusses workflow and how it can be used to enhance metadata quality and better protect an organisation’s brand:

The use of Workflow does not need to be limited to managing the production/creation (agency artwork) or distribution (suppliers) of assets and/or artwork. It can and should be used to ensure that once an asset has been created and is ready for distribution, it is passed through a stringent Workflow that ensures your selected and required metadata is completed before it is approved and available for search and use within your DAM system. This doesn’t have to be a long or arduous process because essentially, it is just another step to be implemented into the current work stack of your design agencies, users or whoever is responsible for this process. Making this an automated process through your existing DAM means you don’t need additional human resources to work on and clarify it has been done, rather, all the laborious work is generated by the very system used to distribute, create and provide searches on these assets.” [Read More]

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