How Professional Photographers Deal With Workflow For Larger Volumes Of Digital Assets

Jay Goodrich writing on The Outdoor Photographer explains his own approach to workflow and how he deals with the large numbers of digital assets that he generates in his work as a photographer:

I teach a bunch of workshops every year and inevitably, a long discussion on workflow happens. I am never really surprised because to this day I even struggle with it. Well not struggle per-say, but definitely put a lot of thought into it–because I have no choice. I began photographing seriously in 1995, switched to digital in May of 2006, and since then have amassed a digital photo library of close to 60,000 edited images-none of them trash. If you think about how many I have actually shot in order to get those keepers the numbers probably could balance the national debt. Add on top of the digital files, 40,000 original transparencies, and you have a rather large collection of images for a single person to manage.” [Read More]

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