Widen Upgrade SmartImage To 3.0

One of our featured DAM Vendors, Widen, have announced an upgrade to their SmartImage simplified DAM platform.  Their marketing manager, Jake Athey, offered this:

The flexibility and simplicity we’ve built into the product allows you to offer a unique viewing experience and user-friendly access to brand assets. With Smartimage, you’re able to fully customize your branded image galleries in minutes – no coding is required.” [Read More]

I understand that my DAM News co-contributors have recently been going in for rating the ‘boss quotes’ and docking points for excessive marketing hyperbole and over-use of buzzwords.  I am not going to get involved in that myself, but Jake’s statement seems reasonable enough to me and describes what it is fairly well.  I would question how many end users really expect to need to get involved in coding for ‘DAM Lite’ apps anyway nowadays and that might be making more of this feature than it really deserves, but that is a minor criticism.

Ralph’s article on SmartImage 2.0 in August gave some details about the platform.  The new features in 3.0 are:

  • Custom image gallery options
  • Embeddable image gallery carousel – images can be displayed in a carousel or thumbnail gallery.
  • Robust digital imaging – dynamic resizing
  • Updated user interface (UI)
  • Integration with Amazon CloudFront CDN for faster global asset distribution

The SmartImage blog has a lot more detail on the new features than the press release.

The last point about faster global distribution of assets seems to be an increasingly important issue for DAM users, see our article yesterday about Picturepark’s local cloud delivery model.  As described by my co-contributor, many are not just based in the US or Europe any longer and we have noticed that many vendors are adding new facilities to meet that demand.

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