Widen Update SmartImage To 4.0

Widen have updated their SmartImage ‘DAM Lite’ SaaS product to a new version 4.0.  The new features include:

  • Public and custom portals – links to collections of assets
  • Batch editing of assets
  • Quick search using file type and keyword filters.
  • Performance enhancements
  • Increased storage capacity subscription options

There is also an introductory quote explaining what SmartImage is from Kara Bubb, the product manager at Widen:

We’ve found that small businesses and teams are looking for something simple, professional and affordable.  Many are looking for more control and flexibility than what personal tools provide, and they don’t need or can’t afford all the functionality of a true DAM solution. Smartimage makes the most essential and useful DAM components accessible.” [Read More]

Of the updates, the custom portals looks like being the more significant.  My understanding of SmartImage is that the target market is more oriented towards the needs of users such as design agencies who need to share and display smaller repositories of assets (although it probably would not be limited to just that group of users).  Their blog has more detail on this feature and some short videos.


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