Widen Update Media Collective To Version 6.3

One of our featured DAM vendors, Widen, have announced an update to version 6.3 of their Media Collective SaaS DAM system.  The new features include:

  • Enhanced Batch Editing
  • Comments
  • Asset Ratings
  • Redesigned Search Results
  • Enhanced Alerts and Email Notifications
  • Enhanced Collections Functionality

Many of these updates appear to be social media related, which might explain some of the articles CEO Matthew Gonnering has been writing recently.  The obligatory PR “boss quote” (as my colleague refers to it) is this from Jake Athey:

Many of these latest enhancements are great examples of how we can effectively bring user experiences people are familiar with — from social platforms, blogging, and other spheres consumers are comfortable in — and put them to use in a system built to make business processes more efficient. This makes the learning curve more manageable for newer users and alleviates some of the training and user adoption burden felt by DAM administrators” [Read More]

This does at least tell you what to expect, so other vendors please take note.  One point to be aware of is that:

Version 6.3 of the Widen Media Collective is live for all Widen customers.”

If you’re a Widen customer, you may know more about the introduction of this and whether you can opt out of some of the more potentially contentious options such as ratings and comments.  I do know that with many clients I work with, although these features might be popular with  software developers, their HR managers tend to find them something of a political minefield.  You need to be certain that you can switch them off or ask to be rolled back to an earlier edition if you can’t do that yet.

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