Widen Update Media Collective To 7.2

One of our featured DAM vendors, Widen have updated their principal DAM solution, Media Collective to version 7.2.  The major alterations in relation to integration with Silicon Publishing, AtTask and ProofHQ we have already covered in previous articles.  Most of the other new stuff looks fairly maintenance oriented or cosmetic in nature, but your opinion might be different if you are an active Widen Media Collective user:

  • Dynamic links and enhanced embed codes for sharing images, videos and other files
  • Filtering by image orientation, watching assets from collections and a new archived assets search
  • More administrative control with access to features and subscription information
  • Uploading assets and create and manage collections with the mobile app

There is the following quote from Widen boss, Matthew Gonnering which offers some context:

The theme in this particular release is visibility. We want customers to see what their digital assets are doing across the web, and we want them to have even greater oversight in their creative workflows and projects. We’re excited to share the result.” [Read More]

As with many of these vendor updates, the associated blog post is more useful for those who want to find out more about what you will actually get, that can be read here – http://www.widen.com/blog/highlights-of-the-widen-media-collective-version-72-release

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