WebDAM Add Asset Manipulation Features

One of our featured DAM vendors, WebDAM Solutions, have added some new capabilities to their SaaS DAM platform.  These include:

  • Viewing of PowerPoint and PDF files in-line from the web interface
  • Full-screen presentation delivery
  • File conversion between various formats such as jpeg, png, tiff etc
  • Resolution conversion
  • Colourspace conversion (CMYK, RGB etc)
  • Batch conversion of images

This is taken from the press release:

This WebDAM release also brings powerful features to marketing and design teams to streamline creative tasks. WebDAM now gives users the power to individually download or batch download files in the format they desire. WebDAM handles the conversion process. Users can select the format, resolution, dimensions, and color space upon download, and WebDAM will automatically convert the file(s). Teams no longer have to go through extra steps using third-party software just to convert file formats.” [Read More]

Many of these features are now becoming regarded as standard for a lot of DAM systems these days so it’s not a surprise to see WebDAM joining other vendors to start offering these capabilities.  They do point towards a trend observed by one of our feature article authors, Ralph Windsor in his analysis piece on how proxy files are increasingly being used like functional metadata to enable and encourage users to remain within a single application.

DAM vendors are obviously hoping it will be their solutions which become the ‘go to’ platform, but a tricky question is how many will have the financial muscle and sufficient market penetration to be able to keep up with the pace at which end users will demand functionality.  I suspect a good number (and ultimately all of them) will decide to give up on either the front or the back-end element when the cost pressures of staying up to date with both aspects begin to take their toll.

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