Vyre Launches Creative Workflow For On Brand

One of our featured DAM vendors, Vyre, have launched their ‘third module’ for their On Brand solution which relates to creative workflow.  Unfortunately, Vyre’s press release is big on marketing hyperbole but short on detail.  Note to DAM software marketing people: just tell us what it is, your users can decide whether it’s “a no fuss approach” and has an “engaging interface” etc.  The following, however, gives a flavour of what they’re offering:

The key features of Creative Workflow are: centralised single online hosting solution; streamlined jargon-free project management; artwork annotations; group comment and discussion; people, projects and tasks views; multi-stage approvals and notifications to speed up production; event and scheduled driven messaging/ notifications.  The benefits are enormous and varied, allowing companies to centralise collaboration with ease; comment, approve and audit easily; save time and money; share ideas and assets in a secure environment; reduce paper trails and reliance on emails and risk; save time searching various systems; centrally manage overall costs and workflows. Creative Workflow also improves marketing team communications, plus image, document and collateral management while continuously refining creative processes.” [Read More]

This is one of the key areas we have identified as a major limitation of DAM systems currently.  Based on our experience, the limitations of the creative workflow features in many DAM systems are delivering a business opportunity to independent freelance developers who often end up being hired by agencies and corporate graphics departments to glue the people and the systems together properly in a way that should be built into all marketing oriented DAM systems as standard.   It’s encouraging that some vendors are choosing to focus on actual end user problems like workflow rather than (in our opinion) pointless and unnecessary capabilities like iPad support.

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