The NetScout/Gartner Dispute And DIY Evaluation Techniques For DAM Buyers

Ralph Windsor, editor of DAM News has provided a feature article: The Broken IT Analyst Market And Evaluation Options For Cost-Conscious DAM Buyers.  He assesses the impact of the NetScout lawsuit against Gartner, considers some alternative perspectives on the role played by them both and discusses the wider implications.  He also outlines some DIY solutions evaluation options for cost conscious DAM buyers to take on some of the work themselves:

There is a widespread perception among vendors (especially the less well capitalised ones) that segments of the analyst market are murky and operate more like bookmakers than scientists, i.e. they follow the money rather than making rational decisions about whether one vendor’s offer really is superior to a competitor. This is unhelpful for end users who are caught between the risks of overblown claims by vendors and doubts about the impartiality of the self-appointed referees.” [Read More]

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