Razuna Update To Version 1.6.5

Open source DAM vendor, Razuna have announced version 1.6.5 of their DAM system.  The main features seem to be improved PIM (Production Information Management) integration, but in common with many DAM vendor updates recently, a lot of this reads like either maintenance updates or features which other competing applications already have.  The following is a selection:

  • Product layer to attach multiple assets to a single product
  • Subscribe to folders (and receive notifications about updates)
  • API access using keys linked to user accounts
  • Asset expiration dates
  • Export templates
  • Create renditions by pixels and inches
  • Improvements to search indexing

I believe there are a number of other DAM systems which have PIM integration features, including ADAM and OpenText.  I gather both have SAP connectors for linking product SKUs (or other product classification systems) to media assets for those who use SAP as an ERP platform.  I am not aware if Razuna offers the same and I can’t claim to be a PIM expert, so these are points you would need to check if comparing with these platforms.

It should be noted that unlike ADAM or OpenText, Razuna is available free of charge (excluding the cost of setting it up on your own kit).  To what extent that is significant with a major implementation task like PIM integration is harder to say, but the fact this is now on the radar of entry level DAM solutions does indicate that it is becoming a more in-demand feature and less of a mega-budget exercise that required teams of people to even contemplate (as it once was until relatively recently).

This is the quote from Razuna boss, Jens Strandbygaard:

We’re not in the PIM business.  But many of our customers use Razuna to handle product images and videos. And to better support their needs, we have developed a module, which will allow them to bundle assets under a single product.” [Read More]

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