Picturepark Release YouTube Connector

One of our featured DAM Vendors, Picturepark have released a YouTube connector for their flagship DAM system.  The stand-out features appear to be as follows:

  • Use Picturepark metadata fields for YouTube field values.
  • Schedule video posting and take-down dates.
  • Record embed links back in the DAM.
  • Serve as a back-end video streamer for videos that are made public via the DAM system.

Picturepark Publisher customers who have integrated Picturepark into their websites or intranets will appreciate being able to stream video directly from YouTube. When a Picturepark video is previewed via Picturepark Publisher, the video stream can be delivered by YouTube instead of Picturepark. This ensures consistent video streaming performance worldwide, and it can result in significant cost savings for Picturepark Cloud customers.” [Read More]


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