Picturepark Release Version 8.3

One of our featured vendors, Picture Park have updated their flagship DAM solution to version 8.3.  The new edition has improved derivative file support, these are what some users and vendors used to call ‘surrogate’ files and might typically include alternative resolutions or some other modifications such as colour space transformations.  These are distinct from proxies like thumbnails or previews as they are used for production purposes.  Also included is the ability to extract all media used within a given ‘container’ like a presentation or print media file.  There are a number of other modifications to support enhanced collaboration and discussion about assets also.

Making print productions and archiving easier, Picturepark 8.3 offers users with a new menu option to download all files linked or referenced by a layout, presentation or other “container” file format. Picturepark provides to the user the most recent versions of all associated files in a single, compressed Zip archive file.” [Read More]

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