Picturepark Partner With Sorenson Media To Update Video Support

One of our featured DAM Vendors, Picturepark, have announced updated support for video via partnership with Sorenson Media today:

In addition to making audio and video available in many more formats than were previously available in Picturepark, the new Video Converter also enables Picturepark to accept inbound audio and video in more formats. Download formats are processed when video and audio masters are uploaded into Picturepark, so download requests start immediately.” [Read More]

Myself and my DAM News co-contributor, Naresh Sarwan have recently been troubleshooting some video DAM implementations which have not worked out as those who commissioned them would have liked and all have the same problem that the video service integration is tightly woven into core application itself so scaling up or changing them is next to impossible without a major re-write.  Ralph Windsor, the DAM News senior editor has written an article for DAM Coalition on DAM scalability and I would recommend anyone planning larger DAM projects with lots of media that must be processed to read it as a general introduction.

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