Oracle Acquires Front Porch Digital

Mega-vendor, Oracle have acquired content storage and distribution provider, Front Porch Digital earlier this week:

Front Porch Digital’s unique capabilities complement Oracle’s high performance and scalable engineered storage solutions. The combination of Oracle with Front Porch Digital is expected to create the most comprehensive enterprise-grade cloud and on-premise content storage management solution to help organizations efficiently manage the growing complexities associated with the migration, integration, storage, and delivery of rich media content.” [Read More]

The press release is a bulleted list with some generic press quotes which you can read here.

This has been touted as a move into DAM by some commentators.  That is sort of true, but it appears to be more the kind of infrastructure plays that I have observed other mega-vendors appear to prefer, rather than a direct intervention into the DAM software application market.  Media storage and distribution is obviously an important element of DAM, but it’s far from the only one (a point lost on a few IT people I come into contact with).  The market trends still seem to point towards the technology integration being carried out by smaller and leaner specialists who are willing to engage with more complex user requirements.  With that being said, you would expect more of them to start congregating around whatever aggregated services people like Oracle/Front Porch are offering rather than trying to build all this themselves.  I would expect Amazon (and their ilk) to be a little more concerned about this rather than whoever supplies the DAM software you use currently.

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