OpenText Media Management Cloud Edition Updates

DAM vendor, OpenText have recently announced the release of their Media Management Cloud Edition (CE) version 20.2.  With a focus on providing “better value to new and existing customers alike”, OpenText, along with many other DAM vendors, are now fully into their stride with regards to capitalising on the current Covid-19 pandemic and the fact that many businesses and IT teams will be dealing with restricted budgets and looking to extract as much value as they can from their existing technology.

As part of OpenText Cloud Editions (CE) 20.2, we are proud to offer a new deployment option for Media Management that enables customers to take advantage of reduced costs, greater resilience and easier upgrades. Also in this update, improvements to the user interface and business tools can help increase the productivity of teams by increasing usability and enabling the automation of common tasks.”  [Read More]

This recent round of updates includes a new homepage layout that promises more flexibility and an “immersive new mosaic view that puts maximum focus on the visuals”.  Another update introduces new ways to gather and share digital assets, or in plain speak, lightboxes.  Their ‘Collections’ feature now includes methods to promote collections to the homepage of specific groups and users, allowing for more targeted distribution and the ability to publish collections to an internal or external microsite.

Under the hood, the Media Management application has been refactored to work more efficiently with cloud services, facilitating improved scalability and a containerized deployment model that promises to make future upgrades much faster and easier.  OpenText state that they are committed to providing flexible hosting options, including their own cloud, a public cloud (e.g. Amazon, Dropbox or Google Drive) or an on-premise solution.

OpenText’s reporting framework has also been improved, and now includes the ability to track user adoption and system performance metrics through customisable dashboards.

One thing that I did notice in OpenText’s website is the absence of the term ‘Digital Asset Management’ or ‘DAM’.  Only by explicitly searching for the term did I uncover its use, buried deep amongst the Customer Experience Management pages.  It seems that OpenText prefer to label their solution ‘Media Management’, although no obvious distinction is made between Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and a host of other similar sounding DAM-type solutions.

For those interested in finding out more, OpenText are staging a series of webinar events throughout July.

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