OpenText Add Tempo Express: Further Integration Between Enterprise Content And The Cloud

ECM vendor, OpenText, have announced the release of ‘Tempo Express’ which are designed to improve integration between the enterprise content that typically gets managed by systems OpenText provide and Cloud services:

With OpenText Tempo and Tempo Express Edition, organizations maintain absolute control over their content. For users, the experience and functionality is similar to popular file sharing services with full desktop integration and easy access to synchronized content from mobile apps on all the most popular devices. But while the user experience doesn’t change, all content is actually being stored behind the corporate firewall with a full audit trail, versioning and permission control.” [Read More]

This is a logical trend we have anticipated for a while: enterprise vendors developing integration technologies to help re-connect the potential ‘free for all’ that Cloud services offer back with the close control that a typical ECM deployment provides.  We expect to see further blurring of the lines between classes of vendor (especially Cloud and Enterprise) and far more cross-segment competition.  Enterprises vendors will be increasingly keen to demonstrate how they can offer the ‘best of breed’ combination that their Cloud peers cannot.

How successful this will be depends on how much enterprises care about the distribution of their IPR.  Clearly some of it they will be very eager to hold on to, but will that be allowed anywhere near services like Tempo either?  I can foresee many of these services being used like content ‘firewalls’ to stop more sensitive stuff being widely distributed, for example to try and prevent some unpalatable material like customer complaints procedure guides from getting posted up on staff Facebook pages or the personal blogs of disgruntled ex-employees.

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