Nuxeo Platform 5.7.1 Released

One of our featured DAM vendors, Nuxeo have released a major update to their open source platform.  The update includes:

  • Re-factored user interface for the DAM module
  • Improvements for Nuxeo Drive
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Full OSGi compliance for the Content Automation client
  • New authentication plug-ins

They have released this under their “Fast Track” program:

Fast Track releases have odd numbered versions and more frequent updates, while Long Term Support releases have even numbered versions and are updated annually.” [Read More]

This sounds like a marketing tactic to find a better description for releases than using the term “beta” to me, but maybe I just haven’t understood them properly.

Yesterday my colleague, Naresh Sarwan made observations that a number of vendors seem to be  rushing to release something to coincide with the Henry Stewart conference this week – especially those with traction in the European DAM market.  That might be a little on the harsh side, however, this update does seem quite light.  Unlike celum, their PR has the benefit of containing some more in-depth detail that tells you more about what the update includes and some technical detail for those (like myself) who are interested.

They have taken to using analyst quotes also in their press, including this one from Alan Pelz-Sharpe from 451 Group (formerly Real Story Group)

“In addition to its established and solidly architected Java platform, the firm has recently added bidirectional sync and much-improved mobile functionality. In providing a subscription-based service for the development of content-centric business applications, Nuxeo appears to have found its sweet spot,” commented 451 Group analyst Alan Pelz-Sharpe.” [Read More]


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  • ‘Harsh’ is a matter of opinion, the timing of the release, however, is a fact.

    Unless the Alan Pelz-Sharp quote has been taken out of context, this sounds like 451 Group are now endorsing Nuxeo? Presumably they have his permission to include this? One would expect a link back to the original item to allow readers to make their own judgement.

  • Nick, Naresh,

    I’d like to respond to some of your questions.

    1 – Fast Track is not a beta, it’s just a different system. It’s more about how the versions are supported for our customers. We develop a lot of new features, but they aren’t available until a major version release. So now there are faster release cycles that include new features, but since they are only 6-8 week cycles, minor bug fixes are just rolled into the next release. For the major versions, bug fixes are in patches.
    2 – There is no connection between this release and the conference, and I take issue with the term “light.” Our more detailed Release Notes paint a clearer picture, perhaps –
    3 – We did have permission for the Alan Pelz Sharpe quote. Here’s the link to the gated document:


  • @Jane,

    Do you still offer beta releases of Nuxeo then?

    On whether it is ‘light’ or not, I was commenting based on the points from the press. The release notes are useful, the link to these should be in the PR so readers can decide for themselves.

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