Lightroom 3.5 and Camera Raw 6.5 Updated

Adobe have released an updated Lightroom version 3.5 and also Cmera Raw 6.5 The desktop photo management tool which is very popular with photographers for metadata management tasks features support for a wide range of new cameras but also various bug fixes:

  • Using the arrow keys to modify image adjustment settings lacked responsiveness
  • Saving metadata to a JPEG file in Lightroom 3.4 could have caused Lightroom to quit unexpectedly
  • Lightroom would not provide the correct error message when attempting to delete photos published to Facebook

Camera Raw 6.5 also includes these bug fixes

  • The DNG File format did not support XMP Media Management.
  • The undo command (Command+z) was failing to undo crop adjustments.
  • Single images marked for deletion were not moved to the trash.
  • Some EXIF fields of Panasonic raw files appeared to be blank in Bridge Metadata panel

The update is available via the program update mechanism or on the Adobe site.

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