IntelligenceBank Add UI Customisation Features

Australian DAM vendorIntelligenceBank , have  added some UI customisation features to their DAM solution.  Mainly this is branding related updates that let users add logos and background images:

IntelligenceBank Marketing continues to innovate in the areas of user-centric branding. Recently IntelligenceBank launched the new Background Image feature, to accompany the following brand customization features for its Digital Asset Management Platform: Background Image for Login Page, Customisable Pages – Feature Guidelines and Interactive Media, Masthead & Alert Branding.” [Read More]

I would need to point out that this isn’t exactly innovative and numerous DAM systems have had these features already, some for a very long period (at least five years in several cases) and a few have far more extensive capabilities too that allow complete customisation of the ‘experience’ (to use the currently in-vogue vernacular).

Perhaps it’s a slow news month for Intelligence Bank, but being able to flip the logos, tweak the backgrounds/colours plus add brand guidelines type pages is more a maintenance feature for a brand-oriented DAM these days (as well as a few others that would not regard that market as their core one).  However,  if you do have a potential interest in this vendor, you can at least be assured they are doing their bit to maintain parity with the competition in this respect and not pretending it’s a capability that no one wants.  In addition, there are still a few vendors who think the Windows 2000 application ‘experience’ is still an acceptable UI presentation style and updates like this from industry peers might persuade a few more people that it really is time to sort that aspect of their own products out now.

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