FocusOPEN 3.4.6 Released

Open source DAM vendor, FocusOPEN Software, have  released version 3.4.6 of their Digital Asset Manager product.  The new features are:

  • Batch append or replace
  • Text replace
  • Advanced filtering
  • Metadata export supports Unicode and UTF-8
  • New import features
  • Updated filtering

FocusOPEN target their product at sys admins and software developers (specifically .NET and Windows) to use as a kind of baseline DAM that they expect users to customise and configure themselves, so there isn’t much in the way of quotes or any descriptive copy.  The blog post contains the full details.  Looking at the descriptions, this seems like a fairly average and basic maintenance release – there is more on the tweaks and bugs than the new features.

I am gaining the general impression that the DAM software market is losing momentum in terms of functional innovation at present.  Granted that taking a niche vendor (within a niche sector) and judging the market during one of the more popular holiday/vacation periods is hardly representative, but this is an ongoing trend now I have observed for a number of months.  Most of the updates from DAM vendors appear to be maintenance related or them just copying each other’s features.  This is further evidence (if it were needed) of a maturing market.

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