Expression Media Users Survey

As reported on The DAM Show (on Peter Krogh’s “The DAM Book” site), Phase One, the company that acquired Expression Media 2 from Microsoft in June of this year have invited users to participate in a short survey about the direction of the product.¬† The survey link is here:

Readers may also be interested in this BJP (British Journal of Photography) interview with Henrik O. Håkonsson, president and CEO of Phase One where he discusses what users can expect:

…photographers can expect better asset management capabilities in the next version of Capture One. But, he adds, customers shouldn’t be burden with things they don’t need. “We will put some components together, but we won’t cluter down one software or the other. We’ll take the best of both applications. But we will carefully evaluate to see if it makes sense to build an integrated product. It’s a fair assumption to say that we will, but it will depend on the dialogue we’re having with photographers.” [Read More]

If you are an active Expression Media user then this seems like a good opportunity to get involved and help shape the direction of the application.

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