Dutch Software Update Elvis DAM 2.6 With Custom Plug-Ins

One of our featured DAM vendors, Dutch Software, have released a new beta version 2.6 of their Elvis DAM system.  The upgrade includes:

  • Custom plug-ins for the desktop client
  • Major performance improvements for RAW file format preview processing.
  • Adobe Reader integrated: View original PDF in the desktop Client
  • Improved search engine intelligence
  • Support for more metada standards

In Elvis DAM 2.6 we allow you to tailor the functionality of the Elvis desktop client exactly to your personal needs. Custom menus and buttons can open dialogues and tabs containing specific features or integrations.” [Read More]

Regular readers will be aware we have been watching the trend towards modular DAM solutions and DAM platforms vs systems.  A big question that will need to be resolved soon is who and how will make all of these plug-ins and protocols work with each other?

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