Digital Asset Management Vendor Interviews

IT Enquirer has published email interviews with 4 vendors: ADAM, Celum, MediaBeacon and WAVE.  The questions covered include:

  • How modular the packages are
  • Integration and SDK options
  • Upgrades paths to ECM
  • Platform support
  • Audio/video support
  • Performance
  • Metadata support
  • Support for multiple user types (or ‘multi-tenanted environments’)
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Faceted search support
  • Auditing controls
  • Worfklow
  • XML and XMP support

The format is somewhat similar to an RFI or RFP, so no critical evaluation of each vendor’s responses has been carried out and the depth and/or accuracy of each response is left open to the reader’s interpretation.  That said, however, the questions asked provide some useful pointers for anyone who is required to prepare a DAM system RFP of their own.

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