Daminion Version 6.2 Released

DAM vendor Daminion have recently announced the release of version 6.2 of their platform.  Aimed at small to medium sized businesses, the latest improvements include:

  • AI-assisted auto tagging using Google Vision
  • Synonyms for custom tags
  • The ability to select upload folders
  • In-browser PDF previews

Daminion’s newly acquired AI functionality “tags your image content with highly intelligent keywords and saves you and your employees hours of manual tagging time spent meticulously describing the visual content of your creative assets.”  We’ve discussed AI within DAM many times on DAM News, and although Daminion’s press release might come across as a little overzealous (the repeated use of exclamation marks is a bit sugary), they do deserve some credit for mentioning that it’s not intended as a total replacement for conventional, manual tagging.

The new synonym feature, which can be applied to multiple entities, should certainly help improve the findability of assets that might have been tagged with same-but-different words or phrases (e.g. ‘camera’, ‘digital camera’ and ‘DSLR’), and by auto-suggesting an existing keyword when adding a synonym, there’s also less chance of duplicated and less-effective tags being created.

The other ‘major’ improvements are somewhat underwhelming (most of the major browsers can natively render PDFs) and I’m still somewhat suspicious that the rather vague ‘import to selected folder‘ feature is actually a workaround for some kind of architectural flaw under the bonnet.

The release also includes a couple of minor improvements and a good number of bug fixes, so even if users don’t intend on taking advantage of the new features, they should see a general improvement in stability.

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