DAM System Open Specification Diagrams & Screenshots – Vendor Participation Request

Back in January, we launched the DAM System Open Specification, which was an attempt to get a detailed description of some common features of a typical DAM at different levels (basic, intermediate and advanced).   We have recently added an ‘attachments’ feature which allows files like screenshots, diagrams and documents to be associated with features as well as individual functions.  The descriptions allow captions, including URLs to further sources of information.  There is an example under the file upload feature.

We are now inviting vendors to contribute relevant screenshots or documentation about the features of their products which apply to the different features and functions described.  To participate, register and complete the editor request on the user dashboard.  Two final points to make absolutely clear:

  • Your firm must own the copyright to any materials you submit.  Any third party content will be removed if permission has not been obtained.
  • Anyone using this inappropriately for promotional purposes will be removed (along with all their content) and blocked from being an editor.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact us.  We are planning to do an incremental update of the spec in the next few weeks to add some more items.  This is a ‘live’ document and we expect it to constantly evolve and adapt based on DAM users’ requirements.

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