DAM RFP: Brand USA Digital Asset Management Solution

Over on DAM Projects we have posted details of an RFP for a DAM Solution sent to us by Brand USA who promote travel and tourism to the United States.  The project post contains a link to a PDF with all the details.  Any questions must be asked before 3rd November and the deadline is 13th November, so any vendors who plan to participate need to act quickly if they wish to submit a bid.  The requirements seem reasonably straightforward and this should be something that could be met by a wide range of products (on paper, at least).  Brand USA are looking for hosted DAM solutions (not on-premise).

To make it clear, Brand USA are not clients of anyone associated with DAM News (past or present) and we are not involved in this project in any capacity other than to announce it here.  As such, if you have questions, you are recommended to contact Brand USA.  Full details are in the RFP.

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