Brandworkz Update To Version 6.3

DAM vendor, Brandworkz, have recently released an updated edition of their flagship Brand Asset Management software.  As per the current theme of early 2015, the release is mostly oriented towards tweaks and general maintenance updates rather than brimming with new innovations:

  • Asset alerting – emails with details of new or expired assets etc
  • Download reason reporting – the purpose an asset was requested for (aimed at compliance-based sectors like finance)
  • Updated admin page layout
  • Previews of Office files
  • Various bug fixes

On this occasion, the quote duties are passed to Andrew Twitchett, Head of Development at Brandworkz:

We have a number of clients in the Financial Services industry and this release makes Brandworkz an even more integral part of their marketing operations, enabling them to keep informed about which of their assets are in use for legal and compliance purposes.” [Read More]

There is some other stuff from Andrew about ‘phenomenal’ speed increases, although that would prompt the question as to why they were so slow in the previous editions?  Anyhow, I can pick holes in this ad-infinitum, the update is  mostly of interest to existing Brandworkz users and possibly those from financial services sectors (my guess is a number of these have probably been introduced at the behest of their existing clients from that sphere).  Apart from the issue mentioned above, they have at least made the descriptions rather more prosaic than some other recent examples and kept it as a point release.

One ‘innovation’ is a video where Andrew describes the updates in more detail.  I’m not sure how useful these are.  I generally prefer to read details about software updates, via articles, blogs etc rather than be guided through them and I can’t help but watch the video without imaging cartoon ‘think’ bubbles appearing next to him along the lines of “I don’t really want to be here…”.  Some readers may prefer this form, however and I will acknowledge they do have to experiment with different methods for conveying further detail about what they have done and why you should be interested.

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