Brandworkz Update To 6.1

One of our featured DAM vendorsBrandworkz, have released 6.1 of their core brand asset management solution.  This news was partly covered a couple of weeks ago by my co-contributor, but that dealt with their social collaboration module which was announced separately.  The other aspects of 6.1 are rather more utilitarian, including:

  • Hot folders: (known as watched folders’ on other solutions).  A file system location which a third party can deposit files into for automated importing rather than via manual browser uploads.
  • Order widget for specifying non-digital (physical) items like merchandise.
  • Sequential numbering for jobs in the workflow system.
  • Thumbnails for multiple InDesign pages (not just the embedded JPEG preview of the front page that usually gets extracted from the XMP headers when DAM systems advertise this feature)
  • Simplified folder moving and downloading of assets.

The customary boss quote is from Andrew Twitchett, Head of Development:

Software release 6.1 strengthens the Brandworkz platform and makes it easier for marketers and brand managers to control marketing resources and operations. With Hot Folder, Order Widget and Social Collaboration, this release helps move the platform to the next level.  These are exciting times at Brandworkz!” [Read More]

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