Brandworkz Update To 5.1.2

One of our featured DAM Vendors, Brandworkz have upgraded their Digital Asset Management system of the same name to 5.1.2.  The key new features include:

  • Integration of ‘Showcase’ – which appears to be a kind of collaborative brand portal with some social media elements, blogging and the ability to feature key assets.
  • Workflow email notifications for deadlines and key events
  • Ability to show/hide fields dependent on where the asset is within the workflow process
  • SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) Single Sign On (SSO).  SAML is a standard for enterprise SSO which is gaining momentum currently
  • Define default metadata for groups of users
  • User group-specific home/landing pages
  • Links to pages managed by their CMS are permissions aware and hidden if the user cannot have access to them.

There are various other stability and performance enhancements referenced in the PR also.

It seems to be increasingly common these days for the product updates to have press quotes supplied by the senior technical personnel rather than the CEO etc, so we’ll maybe have to think up a different description for them than ‘boss quote’ now.  This one is from Joel Stobart, Head of Development at Brandworkz and is suitably succinct and to the point:

5.1.2 represents a step change for the users of Brandworkz with new features, improved performance and crash protection. We’ve made these enhancements after feedback from our clients and believe they make the product one of the most flexible, intuitive and effective available on the market. ” [Read More]

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