Alfresco Team – “Content Collaboration Platform” Or Serious Open Source DAM Competition?

Alfresco, who often appear to have a semi-detached take on the Digital Asset Management market yesterday released ‘Alfresco Team’ which is touted by them as a “Content Collaboration Platform” – or a DAM system to use an alternative term more familiar to readers of sites like this one.  The basic specs look pretty good and it should present a decent challenge to the other open source DAM vendors, however, prospective Nuxeo customers in particular look to be the chief target of this release.

The features include:

  • Eight different method of uploading assets (including mounted drives, email integration and SharePoint)
  • Online file previews of Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, PDF, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Flash, image, video and audio files
  • Version control and embedded metadata extraction
  • Automated workflow and folder rules
  • Real-time collaboration

The pricing is competitive and users can get started with a free edition that can handle five users.

Alfresco Team™ is a pro-tool for content collaboration. If your team creates and collaborates on content – business documents, spreadsheets, presentations, designs, images, videos, or audio – Alfresco Team handles it. From the whiteboard to the final version, from your desktop to your mobile tablet, Alfresco Team has you covered.” [Read More]

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