Alfresco 4 Released

Open Source Content Management (but never to be described as “DAM”) vendor, Alfresco have released version 4 of their ‘open platform for social content management’ yesterday. ¬†The stand-out features include:

  • High performance indexing
  • Integrated workflow
  • Enhanced clustering
  • Social media integration allows publishing to:¬†YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Flickr and SlideShare
  • Drag & drop support (for HTML5 enabled browsers)
  • Support for video, audio, Adobe Creative Suite & Apple iWork documents
  • Google Docs integration

Despite our ribbing of their marketing terminology at the top of the article, it’s fair to say many end users do utilise Alfresco for DAM and their platform is very well established and uses a progressive license that encourages end user participation.


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