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One of our featured DAM Vendors, ADAM, have released version 5 of their core DAM offering.  As seems to be a common theme with their press, finding out what is new is a linguistic challenge in itself, but this seems to be the summary:

  • Ability to sync distributed (separate) instances of ADAM together
  • Revamped search with filtering or faceted search features
  • Predictive search
  • Export reports to Excel
  • Redesigned UI

Some of this appears to be them catching up with cheaper and (theoretically) less sophisticated products, the faceted and predictive search features especially – both of which are hardly new these days.

They have really gone to town with some of the MBA marketing textbook phraseology.  Here is the obligatory meaningless ‘boss quote’ (an art which ADAM appear to becoming past-masters at)

Enterprise marketing has seen its fastest ever evolution in recent years. We took advantage of this unique moment to renew our platform. It is now more responsive than ever to the evolving challenges faced by enterprise marketers, including the need to sync multiple stakeholders and organizations, bring accountability to marketing departments and, of course, deliver great customer experience with maximum efficiency.” [Read More]

Amongst other choice pearls include:

ADAM 5 renders siloed marketing officially redundant”

One might be inclined to remark that unless ADAM’s marketing people can communicate what their product actually does more concisely, it is them who are more likely to be made redundant.  There is a full list of features hidden away on another page, you need to click Highlighted New Features of ADAM 5 to see it.

I am underwhelmed  by the on-paper description of the update, much of which appears to be cosmetic alterations to make it look more like Windows 8 (as ADAM have fully nailed their colours to Redmond’s mast).  The screenshots available on that page are the more useful aspect of their PR effort, a point noted by my co-contributor about evaluating DAM solutions in general (and something, at least, we can both agree on).  I work with a few clients who have this system deployed and I will wait to see whether the reality is more impressive than the pompous and overblown puffery that the marketing copy suggests it might be.

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