Levels Of Flexibility For Print On Demand Projects

One of our featured DAM vendors, MailPrint discuss the three main options for print on demand projects:

  • Variable data*: contains information or images that changes from piece to piece and personalised for every recipient.
  • Versioned: a single strategy translated into several static editions. Not personalised, but grouped to improve targeting and relevancy.
  • Static: each output is the same for the entire print run and only mailing labels are amended.

* Also referred to as ‘data driven’.

MailPrint have this check list to help you choose which option is best:

  • How many varying text fields and images are you using?
  • Do you have any variable information within another variable field?
  • If you produce it by versioning, what would the total number of versions be?
  • What is the total quantity for the project? What are the quantities for each version?
  • Does splitting the data into multiple groups introduce risk into the project or increase the data processing cost?

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