Aberdeen: Print On-Demand “Improves Customer Retention”

DAM and print on demand vendors, MailPrint, who are in our featured DAM vendors directory, have recently drawn attention to some research carried out by Aberdeen Group about Print On Demand:

Among their findings was a correlation between companies that use a Print On-Demand solution and a dramatic improvement in customer retention. In an economy where every customer counts, a 42% higher customer retention rate among Print On-Demand users is more than noteworthy. But what’s the correlation? How does POD impact on customer retention so significantly?” [Read More]

MailPrint have underwritten the research, therefore, it can’t be taken as being the definition of impartiality, however, the key points of the study are difficult to argue with.  Anyone considering Print on Demand who needs to demonstrate ROI to bean counters and other budget stakeholders could do worse than read a copy of the findings which MailPrint are prepared to provide in exchange for no more than a few personal details.

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