Open Source DAM Myths

In this special feature exclusive to DAM News, Ralph Windsor, a senior partner in DAM Consultants, Daydream de-bunks 10 myths about open source software.  Amongst those considered include:

  • Open source software costs no money
  • Open source and Cloud DAM are different
  • Open source DAM Is Not ‘Enterprise’
  • Open source DAM Systems lack support
  • Open source products are developed by amateurs
  • Open source is a fad

While some vendors may want to try and exploit the PR opportunities of open source without directly committing to it, the number of open source products that are distributed using a recognised open source license has increased significantly in the last decade. A recent Gartner research report suggested that over half of those organisations surveyed have adopted an open source solutions as part of their overall IT strategy. A range of studies have demonstrated exponential growth patterns in the open source sector across a wide range of measures. All these indicate that far from being a fad, open source is becoming an unstoppable force because customers want it and smart vendors can deliver it profitably.” [Read More]

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