Nuxeo Announce General Release of Open Source DAM Product

Open source ECM vendor, Nuxeo, who are featured on announced the general release of their DAM product: Nuxeo DAM.

Built on top of their ECM platform, Nuxeo DAM supports the full range of capabilities required of a modern DAM platform but with a progressive open source licence.

Nuxeo CEO, Eric Barroca said:

Nuxeo DAM has the same high level of flexibility as its underlying platform – Nuxeo EP – thanks to its extension-point, plug-in infrastructure. Thus, Nuxeo DAM can be adapted and customized to create a new kind of media-intensive content application matching ever-evolving business and creative needs.

Nuxeo has the benefit of being the only DAM solution to support CMIS specification for interoperability which is currently backed by proprietary vendors such as Microsoft, Adobe as well as IBM.

More information is available on the Nuxeo site.

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