DAM News Digital Asset Manager Salary Survey – Further Request For Participation

Back in November, we announced that we were reviving the DAM Salary Survey with the (gratefully received and much appreciated) assistance of Elizabeth Keathley and Deb Fanslow.

All responses are anonymous and you are not asked for your name, nor email address etc. There are 35 questions, most of which are controlled selections and it should take around ten minutes to complete. Only details of your last position are required if you have had more than one post in the last year. Once we have a sufficient sample of responses, an analysis report will be written and this will be free to download (copies will be placed on our DAM whitepapers site).” [Read More]

I have received a few emails from people asking where the new one is.  We are currently achingly close away from having a sufficient sample size and only need a few more people to participate before we can commence the analysis work required to generate the report.

Based on what I have seen of the DAM Guru statistics, there are in excess of 1,000 people who were motivated enough to fill out the DAM Guru application form and the majority of them either wanted jobs or were offering DAM expertise (and most of them are not employees of vendors).  As such, if you’re looking for employment as a digital asset manager, you probably do want some fairly accurate and up to date information about how much you might get paid for this kind of work.  In that case (and with sincere apologies to those who have already done it) why haven’t you completed our survey yet?  As they saying goes, time waits for no man (or woman) so how about giving up about ten minutes of your time this weekend so we can get it done?

The survey is herehttps://goo.gl/forms/GqvPW3n2ouX5v0CV2

To tick off all the usual objections: it’s anonymous so you are not asked for your name, email etc.  The results will be distributed for free, no one will benefit commercially from this, it’s not a sales pitch to get your details.

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  • Delia Swanner

    I am curious to find out if there is ageism or gender gap in pay within the field.

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