IEN 2019 DAM Practitioner’s Summit – Feedback

The Insight Exchange Network (IEN) recently played host to its second annual DAM conference in New YorkDAM Federation member DAM Guru Program recently posed a number of questions to conference delegates in order to gain some valuable feedback about the summit.  Their responses have now been compiled and are presented across a two-part series, the first of which can be read here, with the follow-up article here.

The best part of the IEN conference were the insights it provided into a Digital Asset Manager’s role in their company, the support they are given or need to seek, and their expectations about their position. While other DAM conference place the focus on new cutting edge technology or impressive large-scale projects, this conference was a great reminder that the success of a Digital Asset Manager is not necessarily linked to the technology that they choose, but instead depends on the relationships that they can develop and the goals that they set for themselves” – Pauline Lopez  [Read More]

It seems like there’s a big push for AI to assist with metadata implementation, but I don’t foresee it actualizing as smoothly as the technologists envisage. I do believe it will be important for Digital Asset Managers to learn, understand, and implement natural language processing in order to make AI actually useful to taxonomies and ontologies”   – Alexandra Lederman [Read More]

The first part and the second part of the articles present feedback from the following DAM professionals:

The full set of questions and answers can be viewed here.

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