Featured Event – Why CX Programs Struggle to Demonstrate Results – 12th January 2022

This week’s featured event investigates the shortcomings of traditional customer experience programmes and why they often fail to yield any type of beneficial result for businesses.  Taking place on Wednesday 12th January, and hosted by customer engagement software provider Khoros, Why CX Programs Struggle to Demonstrate Results aims to shed some light on these issues and provide tips, insights, and actionable advice on improving your CX initiatives by focusing on the bigger picture and identifying the correct type of customer data to use.

Despite heavy investment over the past few years, customer experience (CX) programs are struggling to demonstrate measurable business outcomes. One of the primary reasons for this is the lack of a comprehensive and unified view of the customer experience.  Join us with Christopher Stark, Director of Business Value Consulting at Khoros, for a live, hour-long webinar and frank discussion about how to create a unified view of your customers to drive better collaboration internally and deliver on the promise of customer data.”  [Read More]

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