Featured Event – Webinar: How To Choose The Right DAM in 2024 – 1st February 2024

This week’s upcoming featured event is a webinar by DAM, PIM and CMS specialists and owner of DAM News, Activo Consulting.  In How to choose the right DAM solution in 2024 based on your needs, hosts Frédéric Sanuy and Malika Kechich will be exploring a range of topics, including assembling a dedicated DAM team to implement your project, constructing RFPs (request for proposal), vendor selection criteria, integrations, deployment guidance, change management and sustainability.  The upcoming trends for Digital Asset Management in 2024 will also be explored.  The webinar takes place on Thursday 1st February at 3pm GMT (4pm Europe).  A live Zoom translation will be available.

Over the past twenty years, companies have been gradually transforming through digital technologies to adapt to the new challenges of connected commerce and mobility, and sources of new customer experiences.  DAM is the foundation of any digital transformation: it should be the source of organization all of your company’s media.”  [Read More]

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