Featured Event – Reimagining The Focal Point: Canadian Tires – 20th January 2022

This week’s featured event is taking place on Thursday 20th January.  Hosted by Canadian Tire’s Associate VP Marc Foster, Reimagining The Focal Point: How Canadian Tire’s DAM is at the Core of its Content Marketing Supply Chain presents a case study exploring how Canadian Tire is moving from a fragmented, multi-brand set up to a unified, scalable Enterprise DAM system to manage and integrate all of its brands and channels.  Attendance to the webinar, sponsored by DAM vendor and digital experience solutions provider Tenovos, is free of charge.

As one of the largest retailers in Canada with both physical stores and a thriving eCommerce presence, Canadian Tire has a wealth of knowledge available about what they sell, how they sell it, and to whom they sell. With its move to an Enterprise DAM with many integrations and stronger metadata, Marc’s team is enabling marketers to move towards automation for personalized content at scale across channels.”  [Read More]

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