Featured Event – Global Metaverse Carnival – 6th-8th December 2022

This week’s highlighted event is the 2022 Global Metaverse Carnival, taking place across two days from 6th – 8th December.  Covering a broad range of Metaverse and Web3 topics, technologies and trends, this virtual conference is expected to attract more than 2000 participants, including investors, partners, metaverse experts, and blockchain companies.  Primarily aimed at the English and Chinese markets, sessions include keynotes on policy, decentralisation, investment, and social networking within the Metaverse.  Attendance to watch the live stream is free of charge, with tickets starting at $10 for those wishing to join the 3D forums as their own unique avatar.

This is an online event, and it will hold in our custom 3D snow house virtual event system in which everyone creates a unique avatar of their own and walk around the venue to explore the 3D expo area, talk, and Q&A with the speakers, exhibitors, investors, and others!”  [Read More]

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