Featured Event – Generative AI Week, Atlanta – 16th-18th October 2023

This week’s upcoming featured event is Generative AI Week, hailed as “the only event providing practical steps for implementing and scaling generative AI“.  Taking place in Atlanta from Monday 16th to Wednesday 18th October, this in-person event will be covering a broad range of topics including risk management with responsible AI, limitations of the technology, the type of data to use, the growth of in-house LLMs (large language models), ROI and cost-saving techniques, and gauging the impact of generative AI on your staff, their jobs and the culture of your business.  The speaker line-up includes representatives from a diverse range of organisations such as Google, Microsoft, Walmart, GSK, AstraZeneca, Coca-Cola, and Hugging Face.  Tickets cost from $1499, with additional workshops available on the Monday.

The world is buzzing with excitement about the transformative power of generative AI. Companies across industries are beginning to understand the endless possibilities and applications of this ground-breaking technology and an awareness that it will be an important driver of competitive advantage in the future.  However, the application of Generative AI is not without its risks. High profile court cases, concerns around privacy, bias and security mean that the key to unlocking the value of Generative AI lies in understanding which models and data should be applied to each use case.”  [Read More]

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